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Asus Loki 1000W Doesn't work with Razer Argb hub

Level 7

Hi everyone,

I got a Loki 1000W. It's nice to have an Argb PSU and I want to sync the light with my Razer Synapse cus I want to keep the number of rgb control app as least as possible. I connect the Argb cable of the PSU to Razer Argb Hub, but the PSU can't be found in Razer's app. Despite of the fact that whenever I turn my PC on, the light of the PSU turns on for 2 seconds before it goes dark.

When I plug the Argb cable of the PSU to the main board, it works just fine. In this case, the light is white, and I can change it with SignalRGB. Is there anything I can do to make the PSU's light works with Razer Argb Hub? If there isn't, I just want to inform to anyone to problem I have just in case someone out there want to have the same set up like me.