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1st Build ....Noob question about thor 850W

Level 8
Hey all,

1st time builder here and I have my PSU (thor 850) and Mobo in case and all wired up. But am waiting on the CPU and RAM. I powered it up to see if my Mobo would light up as it has Bios feedback and it did but no lights or anything from my PSU. I am hoping some here could tell me if the PSU needs a CPU to activate. Otherwise it may be a while before I install a CPU and I would want to know if im returning my PSU.

Hello KultXr

Welcome to the ROG forum.

It's probably not a good idea to try and power it up (start button) without memory or a cpu, you can use the bios flashback feature with just the psu switch on.

Have you connected the ARGB cable?

Pic - 97084

Well i did just power on the PSU but nothing happened 3xcept mobo lit up. ( prob allowing for bios update)
I figured it would atleast show the wattage draw on the PSU but nothing. I did hook up the ARGB from the PSU. Hmmm i hooked it up to the cases RGB assignable hub and not directly to the Mobo. Either way i figured it would show something is on.

The CPU shoukd be here tomorrow but ill still be waiting on the RAM. Whats your thoughts on me powering it up wth the CPU but no RAM, just to check the PSU lights?

Thanks for the forum welcome!!

On a bad note,

If you connected the ARGB cable to an RGB header and it got power, you fried the led's.

Thanks for the replies!

Yes super anxious lol but excited more. Never thought building would be so satisfying and fun

Interesting about the ARGB. I have the psu argb connected to the hub that came with the case. Now the only place i could plug that in waz the gen 2 addressable header. And its 5v. The only other was a 4 pin 12v aura header which didnt seem correct. Manual does mention no lights until its powered up. So im guessing my test isnt considered a power up ........ or i fried it all 😆 🤣 😂

OK well to cap off this topic and for anybody else out there looking for this answer, it is yes! In this situation I needed the CPU installed to activate the Thor 850W PSU. B650 E-F board FYI.

Installed the CPU today, powered her up and all fans, lights and even the PSU came on beautifully. All is great!! ...... assuming when I add the RAM and graphics card it all works. LOL

Thanks again Nate152 for the help!


Haha, a bit anxious aren't we?

I can't say for sure if the psu lights will work without it being powered up properly. You can try it, it won't boot and you'll have a memory error, other than that no harm should be done to anything. If the lights don't come on, then you'll have to wait on your ram to fully power it up.

I'm sure you know to install your cpu cooler before trying to power it up.

If you have other ROG gear, you might want to connect the psu ARGB cable to an ARGB motherboard header and control everything with Armoury Crate.

Awesome, thanks for the pic.

You have it connected correctly to an ARGB Gen 2 5v header, your ROG Thor 850w psu is lit up and showing the wattage.

Very nice !

Be sure to install Armoury Crate for full control of the lights.