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ROG Vision issue

Level 7

Hi everyone.

(Sorry for my poor english)

I've got an issue with my ROG VISION (6D Ultimate). All the animation is running, however, there is no infinite loop anymore. There is an annoying blackscreen at the end of every gif (created ones and default ones). I'm having this issue no matter the gif and no matter how long it is. Though, when in Armoury Crate, it seamlessly plays it with any issue.

When i'm off Armory Crate, screen is showing the GIF and it turns off 2 seconds at the end of the selected GIF.  All of them have this issue (the created and added ones + the original ones inside the phone).

I can't believe this is normal. It worked pretty well before.


Level 10

Hello! I believe the issue stems from the duration of the GIF during the creation process. Often, the GIF is not given sufficient time to play, resulting in the problem you encountered. I have personally experienced this problem while creating GIFs myself. Perhaps, when creating the GIF, you can increase the number of loops before transferring it to ROG Vision. This may resolve the issue!

ROG ♡❤

Community Agent


This is a hardware/framework limitation. Thanks.