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rog phone 7 external DAC does not work properly

Level 7

After I changed to rog phone 7, my DAC is not working properly, the DAC light is on, the volume control key is also normal, but there is no sound, the strange thing is that occasionally it will be normal after reinsertion, about ten times it will be normal once, the DAC tested so far are KP1, KA3, W2-131, MOONRIVER 2, in my old ROG Phone 3 are all normal, does anyone have the same situation as me?


Community Agent


Hi, would you please try to update firmware of your DAC first? Thanks

Level 7

Same for my rog 7, my Tanchjim Space Lite has no sound also, then i've tried it on my samsung tab s8 and it is working fine

Level 7

Did this ever get figured out? I have a KA3 also, works with my other phone, and on my laptop, but no sound on my phone 7. I've updated the firmware of the dac, that didn't change anything. When I plug it in, it shows it's output is USB audio through Fiio KA3, but there is no sound

Level 7

I reported this issue (moonriver2) on ZenTalk couple weeks ago and mod there told me it will be fixed on next update