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ROG Phone 7 Armoury Crate Key Mapper Feature Request

Level 7

I was wondering if there is anywhere i can officially post feature request for armoury crate keymapper on the asus rog phone 7 ultimate

Can we have a tick box or slider to invert the y axis on the right stick please on the keymapper?

I play all my FPS games inverted and a lot of games like pugb and cod dont offer invert y axis option so if i could do it via the keymapper it would be so useful

otherwise these games are basically unplayable for me as it would mean reversing 30 years of hard coded invert y axis out of my system

I would really appreciate you adding this feature - i have invested a lot of money in the phone and it would mean the difference between using it a lot or hardly at all for gaming which was the main reason.

When i bought the phone and the joypad i assuemd it would have inverted option - i think because Octopus app has and other mapping software does

I also bought the rog ally this month so over £2k to Asus lol