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ROG Phone 6D RMA

Level 7

Hello everyone,

I am a proud owner of an ROG Phone 6D (this isn't my first or second, and I hope it won't be my last). I've had my phone for a year and a half now. Everything was great until the top speaker stopped working after one year.

I was a beta tester for the ROG Phone 6D, so I received the update to Android 14. After the update, I noticed two things: the carrier signal was almost nonexistent, and while the top speaker issue wasn't as frequent, it still occurred. I thought the signal problem was due to the update, so I waited for another update to fix it.

After waiting for months and getting increasingly frustrated because I couldn't use my phone properly, I decided to send it to ASUS RMA. My first attempt to send it in was rejected because they wanted me to do a full reset. I had already tried that since the last update, but I did it again to make sure I wasn't missing anything.

When that didn't work, I made another RMA request. This time, it was approved, and I sent the phone to the service center in the Czech Republic.

A few days later, I got an email saying I would have to pay for the repair because the phone was damaged by external factors. The repair cost was 7,527 Danish crowns. This shocked me because I bought the phone a year and a half ago for 6,399 Danish crowns.

After reading the email and looking at the attached photos, I saw that the phone had a noticeable bend, and a connector and FPC cable inside were broken. I couldn't understand how external forces could have caused this internal damage.

Frustrated and upset, I checked the list of parts they wanted to replace, including the display, which was perfectly intact and protected, the battery pack, the processor, and many other parts. If the problem with the carrier signal was related to the processor, that shouldn't be my fault. The battery damage also wasn't something I caused.

After receiving the repair estimate, I got a more personalized email from the staff handling my case. They said:
"I am contacting you today regarding your RMA CZA1S60558, where the cost of the repair exceeds more than half of the product's order value. Below is a picture of the estimate and the cost of the parts needed to repair your product. You can see the final total cost at the bottom right.

We will send you the cost estimate, so you can choose either to have the product sent back in the same condition as when we received it and only pay for the handling costs, or we can scrap it for you, and you don't have to pay for anything."

It seems easy for some people to scrap other people's things, as if they're worth just $1, not $1,000.

This is the link to my drive with the pictures i have received form the service.

95d1hK7SdTYt.jpgaPfnWFXuhm1A (1).jpgfOZZB7OahwtU.jpgBgO7bMZ4X8Ol.jpgunnamed.jpg



What should i do in this case ? 
Thank you!


Customer Service Agent

I have forwarded your feedback to the service team for confirmation, and the local service personnel will contact you again.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.