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ROG Phone 6 Pro Bootloop

Level 7

I have the global ROG Phone 6 pro and have been experiencing boot loops when opening the camera or any app that uses the camera (ie Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, etc.). It doesn't happen all of the time. Once in a while I use an app to take a photo, or the camera app, and the phone crashes and enters a boot loop. The boot loop is unpredictable and can loop for several minutes to even more than an hour. It also only happens for the rear camera, for example if the app is opened and the front camera had been previously selected it never crashes. Then once the rear camera is selected it crashes into bootloop sometimes. Is anyone having the same problem? Is there any way of fixing this issue? I've attached a screenshot of current firmware version.


Community Agent


Hi please visit repair center for assistance. Thanks.

The issue is that the ROG Phone 6 Pro I have can only be repaired in Hong Kong. I'm in the USA and it's quite the inconvenience to send it overseas to fix this issue on a premium phone. If only there was a way to have it repaired in the USA with the current or new warranty. Honestly, I'm not trying to pay for shipping to Hong Kong.