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Rog phone 6 camera problem

Level 8

Hi. After I update my rog phone 6 diablo version to android version 13, my camera screen become black and finger sensor is not working.

Please help


Level 9

This problem has been since the first issue of the upgrade to Android 13, and the problem has not been resolved until now, and all Rog 6 devices suffer from the same problem, and the company did not move a finger. There is news saying that the defect is a manufacturing defect in the motherboard

If I go back to android 12 version, can this problem be solved?

No, it will not solve this problem even if you go back to version 12. I tried several methods and the problem did not solve

So as now there is no solution for this issue

Try downgrading to version 12, it might work for you. And let me know if you caught the experiment


Community Agent


Hi please just try to clear cache and storage of Camera. If issue persists, just visit repair center for assistance.

All this was done to no avail. And I would like to tell you that there are people who also went to the repair center and the motherboard was changed and the same thing, the problem is still going on in the device

Level 8

Let me try to downgrade to android 12 version and then let see