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ROG 6 Pro - Charging Faulty

Level 7


A while back I made a post about my ROG 6 Pro original charger that does not charge accordingly. It jumps from Slow Charge to Hyper Charge to No Charge in an endless cycle in a matter of seconds. It doesn't always trigger, but happens pretty frequently, almost constant, and when it doesn't it might hyper charge 20% but then the issue happens again without me touching anything a single time.

I assumed my connector was broken, used the side charge port, even though it is not made to charge. So the answer was an obvious that it wouldn't charge.

I then used a different cables, issue remained.

Used an universal charger, no problem, but Slow Charge only. So I bought a new original charger 65 watt from the Asus webstore.

It was the exact same model, opened the packaging, connected my phone, same issue.

My conclusion, the hypercharge is conflicting somehow. I tried to change settings in my battery settings as well as reboot my phone, but it does not resolve the problem.

So then I called the ASUS Service Desk Support, they said I had to book it for RMA (repair and exchange). However, I did not want to give up. I did some system updates, and sadly, this also did not work.

I only had 2 options left.
• Reinstalling my device
• Testing it on Safe Mode

Making a back-up is quite a hassle with everything I want to save, so I tested it on safe mode, and what do you know? It works.
Before I reinstall, can anyone please tell me what the root cause could be? I also hope people will consider these steps before sending it to RMA, it would be a pity to send a device that isn't a hardware defect.


Level 7

After some more testing; in safe mode it also still interrupts and goes through different battery mode cycles.
I'll be reinstalling my phone soon and see what that does and keep you posted.


Hi, may I know the software version on your phone? Thanks