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ROG 5 WiFi not working after the update 33.0210.0210.229

Level 7

This is crazy! My phone is in great condition and then you suddenly send an update and now my phone's wifi is not working!!! Of all things! The most important to me is wifi connectivity!

And what of those like me who is out of warranty? You will charge us for changing your faulty motherboard together with your faulty system update? Anyone in their right mind would find this a scam!

The phone costs a lot of money! For it to just be worthless after an update you sent is unacceptable!

All you can say is bring it to the service center - you want me to waste more money going there and just being asked to pay for a new motherboard?

In the first place, this issue is caused by your company, so you should take responsibility and fix what you broke!

I wouldn't mind paying for repair if the issue was my fault. But paying for a repair that costs a lot of money for an issue that was caused by an update is just not right!

And don't even say it is not due to the update. It is clearly due to the update - otherwise, you wouldn't be seeing a surge of complaints for the same thing after you released that faulty update.

Also, before giving me  your usuall bull**bleep** spiel of troubleshooting, just stop. People aren't stupid, of course we did all those - we got nothing from it, NOTHING!

You can't even confirm that we won't be charged and you will fix the motherboard issue caused by your update.

This is so disappointing. Here I am planning on getting the new ROG Ally and an ROG gaming laptop then this happens - makes one think, it's time to look for a better option.


Community Agent


Hi I recommend you to visit repair center for assistance. Thanks.

Level 7

I just had the same issue, I don't know what kind of update you've made. My phone has no scratch at all and would pass a mint condition but your update killed the wifi. Fix this please


@Audrey @KamiyuCj same issue, did you get any resolution?