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Phone RMA Frustration

Level 7

Gather round for an RMA story of woe...

Had my Rog Phone 6D for just 7 weeks, really pleased with my new toy, use the included case and set up all my profiles and utilise all the battery saving options as i want it to last. Then after a software update the battery indicator was stuck at 51%, odd, I try looking up why, lots of things about bugs in Andorid and fixes to try all short of a hard reset, turning it off and charging whike off seemed to reset the indicator value to 85% but again no increase or decrease over time. Unlock for unlimited battery? Or from what others have had a hardware issues from a damaged motherboard or battery. Disappointed, I contact ASUS who share some battery care FAQs (not very helpful or relevant) and suggests a hard reset before sending off for repair via RMA. More frustrated as I need to back everything up and sign out of all my apps and accounts. Hard Reset doesn't change anything and the battery still sits at 85% regardless of use or charging.

So my effectively 'as new condition' phone is packaged up in its original box and picked up by DHL and sent to the Czech Republic (I'm UK) was a bit surprised of service centre location but shipped very quickly. After a week I ask for an update via ASUS and told it arrived and I will contacted by the repair center. I asked for more info and I was given contact details for a 3rd party repair company in Scotland who had no record of me... Then ASUS told me again I would be contacted by the Czech repair center as they deal with phones. Thanks for the wild goose chase ASUS.

I then get a DHL update that my phone has been picked up and will be delivered quick smart, so at least DHL was getting updates, still nothing from ASUS repair.

Phone finally arrives taking about 10 days in total, I'm excited to finally have my phone back and discover its been damaged in several places around the frame and camera surround chipping the black paint Off and dinting the aluminium. Note on the paper work says "scratched and battered" it was immaculate prior to sending so I'm really frustrated.

The motherboard and battery have been changed according to the paper work so new IMEI numbers but my phone now looks more battered than my Note 10+ I've had for 4 years. 

Appreciate ANY advice as I just have a bitter taste and wish I'd never bought a ROG Phone

*Update* still no ownership for the damage. After lots of back and I have been sent 2 cropped pictures missing time stamps showing a package and a damaged phone, but still unable to obtain a definitive time line or ID to if it is the package I sent being opened. It's really annoying no one seems to do any real investigation or evidences  what happened, saying it was like that when it arrived but we won't provide the evidence that shows this. Even had the Customer Service rep say this is just what the repair place have sent.

Does anyone have any ideas how I escalate this?

Also for anyone who sends something in for RMA take pictures, save video footage of times and dates of collections and make sure you can identify your equipment. I wasn't given any update during the repair process just had the item sent back once "repaired". I really hope no one has to go through this. ASUS seems great until something goes wrong then you appear to be on your own.


Level 7

Pics of the damage after being sent for repair