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Game crush problem om rog phone 8 pro

Level 7

Hello, I bought a rog phone 8 pro couple of weeks ago and since day 1 pokemon go app crushes randomly when battling, changing bewteen diferent menus and so. The phone was updated, restored to default, app of course reinstalled serveral times, even only installed that single app to see if it was trouble with other apps or games. I ended up returning the phone because it had other issues( fingerprint recognition, screen responsiveness, and wireless charging) thinking it might just be a faulty unit and ordering a new one. Well it turns out it still crushes the game( the other issues dont seem to be there but the wireless charging so it might just be that particular charger). I dont play much things on the phone but pokemon go but I did try other games and they dont crush so I just dont know what to look into to see what the problem is. I might just return it again and look into other brand. Last year I bough redmagic 8 pro because I like some of the gaming features of gaming phones but didnt what to spend that much, but the sowftware optimization its a nightmare so I decided to try a bigger brand like asus. I really want it to work because the phone fits all my needs, but I cant play the only game I play on my phone. What should I do or look into?


I also posted on the Asus zentalk forums, but didn't really get anything, maybe someone can help here before I decide to finally return the phone


Level 9

This is not ASUS fault.....

Official announcement from Pokemon Go... Man you need to do some search

Level 7

I have the Same Problem with a Lot of Games i Tested ... I think its really a Problem of Asus

Witam ja także myślałem że jest problem z telefonem podczas gry w dragon bol a wystarczyło włączyć tryb X i chodzi rewelacyjne