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Charger Issue ROG 6 Pro

Level 7


Recently my ROG 6 Pro original charger does not charge well anymore. It jumps from Slow Charge to Hyper Charge to No Charge repeatedly in a matter of seconds.

I assumed my connector was broken, used the side charge port, no charge at all.

I then used a different cable, issue remains. 

Used a universal charger, no problem, but Slow Charge. So I bought a new original charger 65 watt from the Asus webstore.

It was the exact same model, opened the packaging, connected my phone, same issue.

My conclusion, the hypercharge is conflicting somehow. I tried to change settings in my battery settings as well as reboot my phone, but it does not resolve the problem.

PLEASE is there anyone who knows how to deal with this???


Level 7


Just to clarify:

Asus chargers with Hypercharge repeatedly turn on off from slow to hyper to no charge.

Universal charger works but its slow.

One of the reasons I bought this phone was for this feature. And I worry that charging with offbrands will ruin its battery life.


Hi I recommend you to visit repair center for further assistance. Thanks

Level 7

Aah I was afraid of this answer... I'm sceptical with sending products to repair. Especially with a product I paid 1300 euro for.

I'm familiar with warranties for such devices, it's my day to day job. Products go missing, get delayed or stay broken frequently throughout such process.

I'll look for alternatives and take this answer as the final resolution as I still have 1 year warranty... If I figure it out I will share it in this post.

I tried to update the OS today, issue remained.