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Resolved! Rog 6 pro

Error 24803 unlock my bootloader you all liers tell server will tun on in q3 now nothing i never buy azus products again unlock my bootloader or pay back my money i will go to court against you 1703240456938915942424195464034.jpg

Resolved! Rog phone 6

After this weekend Rog 6 series update version 33.0610.2810.177,  below side portal Type C doesn't work when charging the phone.. please fix and update ROG 6 series. The previous version on my rog 6 portal type C on below also no issues and working f...

New ASUS Rog 7 Phone has a strange lag

The lag happens if I have Mozilla/Chrome (or any other window) open and then press the Square on the bottom right to minimize the page and get it ready for closing. Basically, if I then push the minimized window up for closing, it does not move if I ...

co99 by Level 7
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ROG Phone 6 Bug

Hallo, Ich weiß, dass sie dem ROG Phone 6 nicht mehr viel Aufmerksamkeit zuwendet. Allerdings wäre es schön, wenn sie folgenden Fehler beheben könnte: Wenn man in die Kamera rein geht bleibt das Telefon plötzlich hängen fährt herunter unter startet n...


Audio Jack problem Rog 6

I have an issue with my Rog phone 6. All of the sudden my audio jack stopped working on my phone. I tried with different headphones (which work on my laptop) and got no result. Also I restarted device and my phone system is up to date. Don't know wha...

paky95 by Level 7
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ROG 7 ULTIMATE cleaning

Please refrain from using alcohol or any kind of chemicals in wiping your phones for it may cost of damaging the paint of your phones instead you can use just a simple water and microfabric cloth