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Rog phone 8 遊戲瘋狂閃退

小弟是幾乎玩日版遊戲的 我玩的幾款裡 幾乎都是會閃退  有的嚴重的 幾乎點一個頁面就當一次 有的是玩個兩三分鐘當一次 是我買到機王 還是8 gen3 的問題

ROG Phone 7 Air Trigger Bug

So lately after newest update month agomy triggers started to behave wierd .By wierd I mean ,they put them self in some kind od mode where when I just by slight move phone  start to turn off while holding them.Forcing me to press it again.Tho every m...

Rog phone 7 ultimate not charging after update android 14

Recently i updated into android 14, then mu rog phone 7 ultimate the smart bypass sistem is acting weird, i play games with charging (smart bypass) but the battery not charged and still reduced the percentage. Anyone have the same issue ?

Resolved! After latest update on Ultimate 7 CRASH

After the latest update on Ultimate 7, the entire phone is lagging. Whether I'm surfing the internet or playing games like Pubg Mobile, it lags significantly. The graphics have improved a lot, but the performance has become very poor. Could this be b...

Cannot send or receive calls.

Yesterday I received my ROG phone 8 pro in the US.  I purchased the unlocked US version from Mobile Advance (via Amazon), so it's all the correct version from the correct vendor.  The phone cannot make or receive calls on the AT&T network.  When call...

Resolved! Game crashes on Asus ROG 8 Pro phone

I am a proud owner of this awesome phone. I am still waiting for new games to come up on this phone however I am not sure I am just playing Monopoly game and it crashes randomly. I am not sure and I have to start entire game again. Please any suggest...

Shardul by Level 8
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Wecker Ton

Hallo Ich habe folgendes Problem. Der Wecker Ton lässt sich nicht einstellen. Egal welchen Ton ich auswähle Klinger immer der gleiche Ton, nämlich der vorinstallierte.  Auch die Töne die anderen vorinstallierte Tone lassen sich nicht wählen, es kling...

Wikluk by Level 8
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Need Help. ROG Phone 6 pro

Ever since I purchased this ROG phone 6 pro I'm experiencing issue about camera.most of the time when I'm trying to take pictures the front cam is not available I need to restart my phone first for it to work.same think with Video call most of the ti...

ARK survival evolved

Kann mir jemand helfen, warum dieses Spiel bei mir nicht startet.Berechtigungen sind alle erteilt!Das Spiel kommt in den Ladebildschirm bis angezeigt, wird das Armoury Crate startet, dann stürzt alles ab!Mein Modell: Status Rog Phone 7.