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Where to purchase original Asus ROG 3 AMOLED screen

Heyy guy's kindly help My Asus ROG 3 phone got broken and am now searching for a website where I can get the original screen not a LCD or TFT screen because many of the website out here are selling those, kindly budget is 70 to 100 usd

ROG 5S and Australian VoLTE

So I have rabbit holed down this issue a little bit to find no sound answer. The phone supports the band that my carrier requires, however when I leave the phone to a network preference or 4G/5G - the data works great but calls cannot be placed or re...

TjRains by Level 7
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 Olá amigos, saudações do Brasil Estou usando o Google Tradutor para escrever a mensagem, por isso peço paciência! Estou enfrentando o mesmo problema que o amigo relata no link abaixo.

My ROG Phone 6 just died

While using my ROG phone 6 it suddenly froze and died. Tried holding the power button but it wouldn't boot. Tried charging and nothing happened. After 12 hours or so I plugged the charger in and it suddenly started charging with 0% battery and now I ...

ROG 8 Pro back cover is loose and I can jamm open with my nail.

Over all I love the phone and been having it 3 weeks but the back cover has been cheaply put on and not sealed right. I'm very disappointed on that because I love the phone. I can stick my nail in it and basically pry it open and break it so I'm sure...

Difficulty Implementing In-App Purchases in Mobile Game

I'm developing a mobile game using Unity and have run into some issues with implementing in-app purchases (IAP). I followed the official Unity documentation and used the Unity IAP package, but I am experiencing some unexpected behavior.

Resolved! New Update Pubg Mobile 120fps on rog phone 7

Hey Guys,We got finally the 120fps update for pubg.My phone is rog 7 ultimatethe feature is enabled in game setting but it does not reach the 120fpsit is fixed on 90fps, although I tried all mobile options and made the max settings 166hz etc what is ...

Mike18 by Level 7
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My ROG 5 has 144hz but still 60fps on wild rift

Can someone help me. I've put the frame rate to 144hz and applied the 120 fps and nothing has changed, it is at 60 fps on my game. I've seen some rog 5 users on 120 fps but my phone can't?

ethopwa by Level 7
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Asus ROG phone 8 multitouch problem

Good afternoon, there is a problem with the multitouch in the Asus ROG Fon 8 16/256gb, it is impossible to press two dots side by side on the versions of ROG Fon 5 there is no such problem, please take this into account in the next update, the smartp...