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How to turn on rgb while using advanced mode.. Asus ROG phone 6 

RawKz by Level 8
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Upgrading to Rog phone 6 or 7?

As title states I'm thinking about upgrading. I currently have the rog phone 5 and love it, unfortunately 2 things have happened that's making me consider upgrading.Let my kid use my phone for 15 minutes during a wedding rehearsal and she dropped it ...

Asus Zenfone 9 charging suddenly stopped working.

The charger and cable is fine and charges other phones normally.When I plug in the phone, charging starts to "pulse" in regular intervals (charges for a small fraction of a second every second, the phone vibrates every second as if I was continuously...

b1onny by Level 7
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Rog phone 5

Hello, everyone. Can someone guide me, I'm looking for a display for the Asus Rog Phone 5, if possible in Bulgaria?Thanks in advance

ROG Phone Battery Bypass Options.....

What's up Y'all!You know what would be cool?!  If Game genie could be implemented while going into the rabbit holes of watching videos/movies taking advantage of the battery bypass option as well as disabling calls/alerts etc.!? Think it might become...

ROG 5 WiFi not working after the update 33.0210.0210.229

This is crazy! My phone is in great condition and then you suddenly send an update and now my phone's wifi is not working!!! Of all things! The most important to me is wifi connectivity!And what of those like me who is out of warranty? You will charg...

wifi mac address unavaiable & hotspot error

after update this problem happen...what the problem with new update...we need go to service centre and costing our money...afterall this problem cause after ASUS system fix update

ROG Phone 5s WiFi issue

Whenever I turn on the wifi it doesn't scan for any networks and immediately turns off by itself. I am on the latest version, I have tried restarting, tried resetting the wifi settings, airplane mode is off and even tried safe mode still the wifi won...

Swager by Level 9
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ROG Phone 6D Ultimate Vision issue

I've had a great experience with my phone so far, however, after about 9 months of purchasing it, the ROG vision on the back is glitching. For every animation it keeps showing me a couple of blue lines and nothing more. Can I know any solution if thi...