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Available accessories for Rog Phone 7. 'AeroActive cooler 7' for base Rog Phone 7 is not available.

Level 8

I have been patiently waiting to get my #AsusRogPhone7 set up for the long run even though it's just been 4 four days since I have unboxed it. I was concerned about the #AeroActiveCooler7 as it provides a little sustained yet benefit in the long term gaming experience. I was eager to get my hands on it so i have purchased the Rog phone after a couple of months since it's initial release. yet i cannot get any official Asus Rog Phone 7 accessories that one mostly expects to be on the estore website.

I have even stumbled upon it's previous iteration's special case hence I tried to search for the latest model and I got it shortly after a while of searching. The accessories were available to be purchased separately along with the Air cooler and some screen protector but not for the region where I am from apparently ( I am from India). It might be understandable that they would introduce it later slowly but it's been months and I had not seen any signs of any news regarding it; the case and the air cooler those would be something one might be investing on if they plan on to stick with this device for few good years along with the screen protector helping it in the long run.

Anyways the special case seems to be called 'Devil case standard' looks awesome gives some solid feel to it as I have watched on videos, though it might be me. Any thoughts or ideas regarding what's happening with these accessories along with the 65WT official rog phone 7 charger  ?