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Aura system lightning on ROG Phone 7 bug/glitch

Level 9

I found a problem with my aura lightning system 

There is a bug/Glitch in the "screen off" option. I set to Red/white color+static, but it always change to orange color+breathing mode. I found it, when I want to try back my system lightning again, and this is happened. 

After that I tried to fix it myself, but st

I already try it with, clearing my Armoury Crate storage and restart again my phone. But, it still didn't work 


Community Agent


Hi please help provide information below. Thanks.

1. What is the software version on your phone?

2. Is there any other atmosphere that also with "orange color+breathing"? If yes, what is it? (Also try to disable all other atmosphere to check if "screen on" applies effects from incorrect atmosphere)

3.  Could you please help provide a video clip of how it happens?

Nevermind, bro.

It's already fixed himself. I think it's just some glitch from the system lightning. I tried restarting my phone about 2-3 times and it fixed itself