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Asus Rog Phone 8 Pro laggy and stuttery while playing games.

Level 7

Hi I just recently got myself Asus Rog Phone 8 Pro 16 ram/512gb  and my games are not running well as I must say, it feels laggy and it stutters a lot, I had Samsung S23 Ultra before and same games worked well on it with no problems. Not only that phone is hot in a few minutes of gaming, I did update everything so that is checked, does anyone have similar problems?


Community Agent


Hu please help provide information below. Thanks.

1. A screenshot of [Settings] > [System] > [About phone].

2. A video clip when issue occurs.

Level 7

Same here mine lags out and does get insanely hot 105-107 degrees F and that's only CODM. 

Level 7

Yeah mine lagging not event playing games I had Asus 1-3-5 newer had any problems so I was told to send phone back to then cose it's may be a Hardwear problem i let u know after receiving phone back. And battery is draining really quickly on Asus Rog 5 I newer had any problems with power like on 8. 

Did you send in the ROG 8 


Tomorrow I gonna send it. I was trying to download new software but wasn't any luck so I will send them. 


Level 7

Why buying pro if you're not into 24/1 Terra?