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Aeroactive cooler 6 and rog phone 6 not transfer video

Level 7



I need support from Asus, let me explain my current situation. I stream mobile games on Twitch, YouTube and Kick, and since I use OBS to deliver better quality to my subscribers, I end up needing to use a USB-C connection with the program that will send video and audio to OBS, but if I'm going to use the aeroactive cooler 6, even though there are 2 usb ports, I can't use the resource to send video and audio to OBS, the side connection is simply occupied with the cooler and its usb input doesn't send a video signal, but what surprises me the most is the fact that the lower usb input also doesn't send a video signal when the cooler is connected, which doesn't make any sense. How can I solve this and use the aeroactive cooler and still get a connection to send video and audio to the stream program?


Thanks for the support.


Level 9

There is no video output from fan's port.... You need to remove fan

Level 7

It's hard to believe that Asus can't make something like this work since both ports have a video function. Why not work the video output on the lower output while the side has the cooler?