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Ubuntu 22.04 Sleep after wireless keyboard is awaken - ROG-STRIX- SCOPE-NX-WIRELESS-DELUXE

Level 7

Hello, I have just both a wireless keyboard it wall works great on windows, but for linux Ubuntu 22.04 there is a very annoying bug. 

The keyboard goes to sleep, when a button is pressed to wake up the computer goes to sleep mode. 

I have disabled all sleep key functions in settings, updated kernel to latest version as well but the problem keeps happening. This is on two computers using Ubuntu (one laptop, and PC). 

Is there a work around or some way to solve this ? 

Thanks in advance. 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @hmilanov ,

thanks for the inquiry. The ROG-STRIX-SCOPE-NX-WIRELESS-DELUXE product supports the Windows operating system. 

To ensure the proper functioning of the product, we recommend using the Windows operating system. 

If you encounter any issues while using Linux, we suggest considering switching to the Windows operating system to ensure the best user experience. 

Thank you.

Suggesting I switch operating systems to get a keyboard to work is like if you car has a problem with the cigarette lighter in warranty just go buy another brand of a car. This is ridiculous. 

It is a KEYBOARD it should work with all OS and BIOS (haven't tested it but I hope it works for this amount of money).

How ever I found a solution to the problem but I won't post it on your forums, let people know they can't find help here.