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ROG Hyperion GR701

Level 9

Greeting to all. 

  I am in the research process for a new build and need some assistance. I thinking of buying this case. ROG Hyperion GR701 with either the ASUS ROG Crosshair 670E Extreme or the ASUS ROG Crosshair 670E Hero. With ASUS Strix 4090 OC and want  to know if the Graphics card will fit in the case. 


Level 14

Yeah, it should fit easily.  The Strix 4090 is 357.6 x 149.3 x 70.1mm.  That would happily fit in my Helios GX601, and the Hyperion GR701 is roughly the same internal dimensions as the Helios.  If you're mounting it directly in the motherboard slot, you might want to get the CableMod right-angle power adapter to keep the power cable off the glass (there should be room for it, but the new 12VHPWR 12+4 pin power connectors are not so happy with tight bends directly out of them).  I recommend (personal preference) going with a vertical GPU mount, as that both looks good, fills out the space in the case nicely, and leaves good clean airflow over the motherboard chipset heatsink.

Both the Helios and the Hyperion are BIG spacious cases.

Thank you for the reply. For the life of me I do not know why several of the PC part compatibility checkers were not listing the Asus 4090 and the GR701 as compatible. As I under stand it the Asus Thor power supplies come with a dedicated cable the 12VHPWR 12 + 4 and eliminates the need for the Nvidia adaptor, But I will look at the Cable Mod Right angle and definitely liking the idea of a Vertical mount of the GPU. Case is supposedly supplied with the mount by not the cable riser so off to find one of those too now. For the cost of 500 usd one would think the case would have as an option. Again thanks for easing my mind about the card fitting.  Going to be buying the GR701. Strix 4090  OC GPU, Asus ROG 670E hero or extreme MB , Thor PSU 1200,  maybe the ASUS AIO 360 Ryujin 3 or the Corsair 420 Elite as my keyboard, mouse headset / HS and mouse pad is all RGB Corsair with in next couple of days. Just wish the cost were coming back down but it is what it is.