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ROG Hyperion GR701 RGB controller issue

Level 9

Hello guys, I bought this case and its perfect, but have one issue. Mother board is X670E PRO-ART. I've connect rgb controller to first rgb header (trying all of this) and have issue with 2 led coolers, if i control all rgb devices from mother board (signal rgb) all is working perfectly, but when i switch to internal case controller two devices (2 fans) are not controllable, they don't change color, sometimes they switch off their rgb. For now i have 10 RGB coolers, waterpump, waterblock and graphics card, all this devices have rgb. The question is - what is going on? why not all devices can be controlled by case rgb controller and how to make it work?


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @fractal-zombie 

Regarding the issue of being unable to control the RGB lighting controller for the case, could you please provide relevant connection photos to help us better understand your current setup?
If possible, please share complete recordings of the following two scenarios:
- When the RGB controllers are connected to the motherboard and functioning properly.
- When the RGB controllers are connected to the computer case and experiencing abnormal behavior.

Thank you.

Ok, will do it in rest time. Thank you)