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ROG Azoth 75 volume knob not working in Windows

Level 8

I recently bought this keyboard, newest firmware and Armory Crate software.

There is a frustrating bug in Windows 11.  When I change the volume on the keyboard, it changes the volume of the non-active audio output devices, where I would want/expect it to change just the current active one.  In my scenario:

- Have 3 output audio devices
- Have one set as primary, mostly use it but swap to others (like speakers to headphones)
- When changing the volume on the keyboard (up/down/mute), it changes both the non-primary devices, regardless what output I am using but not the active one

This is a really frustrating behavior and leading me to return the keyboard.  It also happens if I map keys like F11/F12 to VolumeUp/Down too.  I tried uninstall/reinstall drivers a bunch, restarting PC etc.  It seems to work okay on Mac OS and changes the volume as expected.  I have other keyboards in the past with volume controls and they all worked properly for me.



Hello angrytoes

The ROG Azoth controls the windows volume, it should change the volume for all your devices.




The way 3 other keyboards I have work is that they will just modify the volume of the currently active output device, but not modify any other volumes.  But for whatever reason the Azoth changes the volumes on the two non-active devices and not the current one.  If it would at least do the current one PLUS the others that would be better (but not ideal).

Customer Service Agent

Hi @angrytoes ,

based on your issue, could you confirm whether you have selected the primary output device in your system? In Windows, the system will only select one audio output device, and the device you choose in the system settings is the one that the keyboard will adjust the volume for. Once you've made this selection, ROG Azoth will be able to adjust the volume for the device chosen in the OS. Thank you.