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Issue with registering a product - The serial is already registered - Help please

Level 7

I recently got an used product -> Keyboard and PSU. When I tried to register that product under MyAsus account, it shows that 'The serial is already registered'. I am not sure the earlier owner removed his/her information from their account. Could someone help please?


Customer Service Agent

Hi @abishekrama ,

based on your question, if you wish to register this product, you have two options:

1.Notify the seller and contact our support team. Please have the seller themselves contact us for product deregistration.

2.Request that the seller provide you with a screenshot of the registration page, showing the account registered with this product and the associated email address.

We require confirmation from the original product owner to proceed with the deregistration process. Once deregistered, you will be able to register the product again.

Thank you for your cooperation.

I got the product from an auction and the auction house doesn't know or release that information. Is there any other way to help me out. And I have the receipt for the purchase of the psu from the auction house. Please let me know if something can help me out. 

Hi @abishekrama ,

based on your issue, we apologize for any inconvenience. To proceed with the product deregistration, we require the registered email of the original owner to ensure their consent for this step. Therefore, it is necessary to provide screenshots of the registration account's email binding and the screen where the product serial number is bound after logging in. This process involves legal responsibilities, and without both of these pieces of information, we cannot proceed with deregistering the product. Thank you for your understanding.