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Gladius III Macros Stop Working

Level 8

After a while the macros I have programed into Armoury Crate stop working. The only way to get them working again is to reboot the PC. Any ideas? Thanks.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Lude2Envy ,

based on your issue, may I ask whether you're using ROG GLADIUS III Wireless?
Have you encountered a situation where the macro function only works in wired mode and becomes ineffective when switched to 2.4G wireless mode? Have you tried uninstalling Armoury Crate using the uninstall tool and then reinstalling the software? Could you also provide a screenshot of the issue where the macro function isn't working? Additionally, please provide the current firmware versions for Armoury Crate and the mouse. 

Could you also help record and provide the relevant logs for us to investigate further?
For log operation steps, please refer to Q5: What is App Diagnostics? (New Feature)
After recording the log, please upload it to the cloud, approve access, and PM me the link.

Thank you.

Yes, it is the wireless. I don't use it in wired mode. Yes, I have uninstalled and reinstalled Armoury Crate. How would a screenshot of the macro function not working be useful? I click the button on the mouse and it either executes the macro or it doesn't. When it doesn't I have to restart the computer for it to start working again. Armoury Crate is and the Gladius firmware is 12.21.37 and the dongle is 1.00.24.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Lude2Envy ,

based on your issue, could you please clarify which key or button you are currently using to activate macros? Additionally, could you provide a screenshot of your macro settings (as shown below)?


Furthermore, to assist you better, could you also record and share the relevant logs with us for further investigation? You can find instructions on how to collect logs in Q5: What is App Diagnostics? (New Feature) at this link:

After recording the log, please upload it to the cloud, approve access, and send me the link.

Also, if you are using Shift Mode, please refer to the following link for a list of specific compatible devices.

[ASUS Armoury Crate] Armoury Crate Macros shift compatible devices | Official Support | ASUS Global

Thank you.