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Azoth RGB Lighting

Level 7

I recently purchased a new azoth keyboard. Im having an issues that when I first boot up my pc the lighting on the keyboard is set correctly to what I want. once the windows and my start up apps are loaded the keyboard lighting will turn off then back on rainbow preset. I have to open ac and reselect aura sync to match my motherboard lighting. I notice that aura sync is already selected for the keyboard lighting but I have to select it again. Anyone else have this issue??? I didnt seem to happen at first. I beleive Im up to date on firmware. AC is showing:

Keyboard Version: 3.00.27

Dongle Version: 3.00.17.

I checked to make sure everything is updated also in AC.


Customer Service Agent

Hi, @LowDUB thank you for providing the log.
However, it appears that you have not granted permission for cloud access, so we are unable to download and verify the log.
Could you please confirm that the log file you provided with the issue is under the latest Armoury Crate version and share the link and permissions with us again?
Even after updating to the latest version and attempting to remove and reinstall, it seems that you are still experiencing the issue where the keyboard RGB custom display is correct during boot but reverts to the default rainbow effect upon entering the system, only returning to your settings after reopening Armoury Crate and reconfiguring?
If so, before we consult with the relevant department, could you please assist us in verifying the frequency of this occurrence and provide screenshots of your current Armoury Crate Update Center and Azoth RGB settings?
As well as sharing a complete video recording of the issue, include the keyboard connection, RGB lighting during the cold boot process, changes in RGB lighting after booting, the steps to reconfigure, and the RGB lighting after configuration is complete.
The information provided will help our members better understand your settings and the problem scenario.

Thank you.