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Asus Rog Keris Wireless Mouse - Dongle broken..

Level 7


I bought the mouse like 3,4 months ago, and i used it wireless ofcourse, but accidentally i broke the usb dongle for the wireless connection between the dongle and mouse, can i replece it or buy it from somewhere seperatly only the dongle? I'm from Bulgaria (Europe), bought the mouse from a website that is bulgarian they sell tech stuff but when i asked them, they dont provide repair or replacement for the dongle only. So thats why i'm asking here if i can buy it from somewhere or not? 

Greetings. :))



Hello st0Kicha

Unfortunately, ASUS doesn't sell wireless dongles separately.

Are you sure it's broke?





Yes, its broke broke, like its in half, when i moved my pc to clean it, i had it still in the usb port on my PC, and i forgot to remove it and maybe when i removed my pc and placed it on my chair and somewhere got snapped.. 


Sorry to hear.

While ASUS doesn't sell wireless dongles separately, if you check around you might be able to come across one.

Here is one on E-Bay, but this particular seller doesn't ship to Bulgaria.

Wireless Gaming Mouse USB Dongle Transceiver Adapter P510 For ROG KERIS WIRELESS | eBay




Thanks! I will look up to find somewhere.