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Zephyrus M16 (2023) Micro-stutter Help

Level 7

 My new 4090 version is mostly smooth but microstutters every so often. My thermals are perfect 61-79C(cpu)/58-71C(gpu) on ultra. At first I thought it was me over analyzing, but it does it randomly while sprinting in battlefield 2042/briefly on Madden prior to attempting a pass. All drivers are updated, I've restored to factory settings, tried tampering with settings. It's almost not noticeable but I notice it enough when it otherwise runs smooth. I should not be experiencing this for what I paid for it. Please help and Thank you in advance.


Level 12

Are you playing at maximum CPU and GPU settings? Did you measure the temperatures while playing the mentioned games, or by another method?

yes- as mentioned with all settings maxed - my max temperatures are 79C(cpu) /71C(gpu) during gameplay. But mostly stay between 75/67.

When NOT gaming it stays in the 30s-high 40s across the board mostly.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @GamerHubby ,

I would like to confirm with you whether your BIOS has been updated to the latest version 310, and if you have tested it with the NVIDIA display driver version V31.0.15.2901 and Intel graphics driver version V31.0.101.4502, both verified by ASUS. Have you tested different GPU and Operating mode settings in Armoury Crate, such as Ultimate/Standard and Turbo mode?

Additionally, I want to verify if, apart from random stuttering during running in "Battlefield 2042" or attempting to pass in "Madden," have you experienced similar issues in other games?

If you have already updated the BIOS to the latest version and used ASUS-verified display drivers, and the issue still persists, could you please provide further information by recording a video and sharing an HWinfo log through private messaging? Thank you.


Serial Number:
Windows Build Version (Settings - System - About):
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Yeah I made sure I had all the updates you mentioned and im still getting That microstutter. Makes no sense. I think I have faulty hardware. Shame because I have a brand new product and u don't want to return this product and lose the great thermals I have, but I may have no choice.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @GamerHubby ,

Thank you for your reply. 
Could you please refer to the instructions in this link and try adjusting the settings in the game and Armoury Crate to see if the issue improves? Additionally, could you provide any videos related to the micro-stutter so that we can further assist you in identifying the problem?

Not sure what an HWinfo log is. Still having the issue despite all the drivers you mentioned. And I’m noticing it more and more each day. Sorry I’m new to this stuff.

Level 7

i thought i updated bios but where do I find that specific version you mentioned?

Level 11

It sounds a lot like the AMD fTPM issue that has around, but was fixed for most laptops with BIOS updates last year. Does the 2023 M16 BIOS include that fix? Could there be an accidental oversight for a BIOS that was in-development during the fix rollouts for other BIOSes. @Anbby_ROG 

Customer Service Agent

Hi @QQ02 ,

Thank you for bringing up this issue. After verification, it has been confirmed that this problem no longer occurs in the latest version of the BIOS. Based on my observations, there have been no reports of similar issues with the Zephyrus M16 (2023) at the moment.