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Zephyrus M16 2022 RTX 3080 Ti / i9 - stuttering/throttling/constant gpu performance drops

Level 7

Hello there

Since laptop purchase it has this problem. On turbo or performance mode GPU works allright for a few minutes, then it drastically reduces peprformance for a few seconds, then restores, and the cycle repeats itself every 20-40 seconds, so it is impossible to play any gpu loading game. From time to time also appears and disappears micro stuttering.

I've tried various ideas from the net, lots of different drivers, with or without armoury crate, playing around cpu turbo mode, some nvidia settings, got even replaced the mainboard under warranty, everything with no effect. 

At the moment after various manipulations Ive got a clean laptop with replaced mainboard, clean windows with latest armoury crate, latest availible asus certified nvidia driver, 311 bios, default setups. Vids of how it looks like attached(sry for the enemy logo, got used to this simple bench). 

Technically it looks like when the gpu gets to 81-82C it dorps power consumption from ~120w to 40-45w for a few secs and goes on in a circle instead of withstanding up to 87-90C (or even higher by some sources) as it should.

 Asus, what is that? 

Im only left with theory that asus got a bunch of defective GPUs and I got lucky twice to buy one and then get replaced by one, and all I can do is request another replacements untill it works. Or?..

Screenshot 2023-10-22 154557.png


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