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Zephyrus M16 2022 RTX 3060/i7-12th stuttering like hell

Level 9

Hi guys, I really confused with asus product 
since I bought this "gaming laptop" I never playing in Turbo mode
I just playing at Pefromance mode, and all goods
but after 2 months this laptop starting to experience fps drops and the most annoying is stuttering.
I have updated bios, all drivers laptop and windows, and still same.
I once asked this forum and I was given a suggestion to use the Nvidia driver that was downloaded on the ROG website.
I tried it and it ran smoothly. but some time later, i experienced the annoying thing i mentioned above.
stuttering like hell in turbo mode 

I read questions about stuttering on this forum, it turns out that there are many cases like this.I mean, why didn't Asus come up with a solution right away? there are only complaints about stuttering like this and they keep coming out with new products. rog product is premium and not cheap, why is the quality like this?
I just remember the ROG phone 5 that I bought a few years ago, I just used it for 5 months and it died completely with normal use, they changed the machine, but after 1 year later, the phone broke again. this is very disappointing for a premium product.

check this video capture
fyi: I don't use the highest settings in the game and skip until the 30 second to jump to the stuttering part
Monster Hunter World 

so guys, any suggestions to overcome this stuttering? I've tried everything, including reinstalling armory crate, nvidia driver, bios and more.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @lyle26 ,

I apologize for the inconvenience you're experiencing. 
Could you please confirm the current BIOS version and dGPU driver version you're using?
Have you tried connecting to the power source and adjusting the performance settings in Armory Crate to see if it resolves the stuttering issue?
You can refer to the following link for instructions on adjusting the Armory Crate performance:
Should you have any further questions or require any additional assistance, please don't hesitate to let us know.Thank you

Level 9

Hi @Anbby_ROG 
I've tried everything, but still stuttering.
I always connecting power source when playing game, using Turbo mode with Ultimate GPU mode and still stuttering, u can check the video in my post above and I don't use the highest graphic settings in the game. vram used is only 3.5GB

Bios Version 311
Nvidia GPU Version

Customer Service Agent

Hi @lyle26 ,


Thank you for your response.
I noticed that you are using the Nvidia official drivers, and I saw that you have previously reported related issues. 
After using the drivers verified by ASUS, the problem improved. 
May I ask what happened when you used the drivers provided by ASUS that led you to change them to the ones provided by Nvidia?

because some games require a driver upgrade for maximum results, for example last year when spiderman appeared.
By the way, last month asus released nvidia graphics driver update. i tried to play spiderman: miles morales and monster hunter world.
in turbo mode, with a 240w charger, and all I get is nonstop stuttering. I'm really tired of this problem. I stopped playing games for 1 month just because I was annoyed with this stuttering problem and it needs to be underlined, I did'nt maximize the graphic settings in the game.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @lyle26 ,

I'm sorry to hear about the issues you've been experiencing with lag. 
I'd like to clarify, is this lag problem specific to these two games only, or does it occur with other games or software as well? 
Additionally, have you monitored the temperature when these lag issues occur? And do you have an external monitor connected?
After updating the drivers, have you tried switching to different modes to test? Thank you.

is this lag problem specific to these two games only, or does it occur with other games or software as well?
all games, even games released in 2010 also stuttering like hell LOL

have you monitored the temperature when these lag issues occur? And do you have an external monitor connected?
I dont use any monitor, just the laptop, with 240W plug Charger, Turbo mode with ULTIMATE GPU MODE
is there anything else you want to know? I have set ROG setting everything to maximum, and lowered all the graphic settings in the game. and still stuttering occurs when playing? what the hell is this product?

After updating the drivers, have you tried switching to different modes to test?
Yes, I tried to switch to performance mode, but it still stutters. if not, only a maximum of 30fps. I mean why would I dig so deep into my pockets if the performance is like this? Even for old school games, sorry but this is a complete waste of money

any solution?
Until now I haven't played the games I bought, because this stuttering is very annoying and just makes me annoyed.


Hey lyle26
Do you have the GeForce Experience app installed? If so: When you're gaming is stutering, please open the GeForce Experience Performance Overlay (you can set a shortcut for your keyboard within the GeForce Experience Settings).  Write down or screenshot the panel values and post them. Open also the Task Manager, "Performance" Tab and screenshot it. 

Just an assumption: Your system is throttling down due to thermal overload. The screenshots will show us the clocks (from CPU and GPU) and (more important) the temperatures from the GPU. Just looking at the CPU clock and GPU temp, we can then say if that's the problem or not. I had customers having laptops with so much dust accumulated internally - within just weeks - so that even in the end, even Windows start menu started to lag like crazy. 

Customer Service Agent

Hi @lyle26 ,

As mentioned by ReatKay, I assume this issue might be related to thermal throttling. During gaming, you can enable performance monitoring to check the temperatures of your GPU and CPU when experiencing lag. Since we cannot physically inspect your laptop on this forum, we rely on hypothetical scenarios to assist you in troubleshooting. Thank you for your understanding.

Level 7

I got my 2023 M16 just last week, also having a little stuttering problem (1 sec stuttering every 5-10 sec) and I don't even play games on it.

From what I found on 

try disabling the hardware accelerated GPU scheduling, setting your NVIDIA graphic card for PhysX and doing a restart, it seems to work for me.

The link in that post also mentioned deleting Armoury Crate Mobile Plugin AutoConnect.exe for "microstuttering" issue.

Also from my past experience using a PC with almost the best components and still having stuttering issue every sec or so (with dual monitors), I had to turn off WallpaperEngine or open a full screen application/maximized window to cover the background to prevent stuttering. I guess this is something related to desktop background resourcing.