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Zephyrus G15 GA503RM: USB Type C Ports Remain Active After Shutdown on AC Power

Level 9

Problem Description:
After the computer is shut down, the Type C port remains active when the laptop is powered by AC. However, both Type C ports are disabled when the AC power is turned off.

Expected Behavior:
The expected behavior is to continuously disable both USB Type C ports when the computer is shut down, whether AC power is connected or disconnected.


The USB Type C port remains active after shutting down the computer to which AC power is connected.

USB Type A port is disabled both when the computer is turned off with AC power and when AC power is disconnected.

Both USB Type C ports are disabled when AC power is off.

windows fast startup = Disable
ErP = Enabled


OS =
Edition Windows 11 Home Single Language
Version 23H2
Installed on ‎1/‎23/‎2024
OS build 22631.3007
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22681.1000.0

The problem occurs regardless of the BIOS version

ROG PD Firmware :- 

Version v2.3.1.001

It is very annoying when using external hard drive / NVME, USB Docking Station



Level 9

I wish they had given us the option to turn it off if it was an expected feature. My laptop is on a desk most of the time and it would have been nice if my type c peripherals shut down with the laptop itself

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Maniya2002 ,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

The Type-C on the GA503RM supports charging even when the laptop is shut down and connected to AC power.

If you wish to disable this feature, you can only do so by disconnecting the AC power. The information above is provided for your reference. Thank you.