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Zephyrus G15 2022 Ryzen7 6800hs RTX 3060 laptop freezes

Level 8

Zephyrus G15 2022 Ryzen7 6800hs RTX 3060 laptop freezes randomly when using a Bluetooth mouse for long periods of time.
Then the system will not respond. Even when pressing the power button nothing happens. After a few minutes the system will restart automatically. Bluetooth does not show after reboot I think this problem is with MT7922 card. Is there a solution for this?
(When the laptop is working for a long time, I put the laptop to sleep several times a day.
This problem often occurs after re-awakening.)

This problem occurs regardless of the BIOS version.   eg:bios 313,315,311


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Maniya2002 ,

I would like to confirm with you whether you have tried uninstalling the MediaTek Bluetooth driver and then reinstalling the latest version V1.932.2.294. Additionally, could you please assist in confirming if your AMD Chipset driver version is the latest one released by ASUS, which is V1.2.0.119? Thank you.

All is as you mentioned. Drivers are all updated.



Customer Service Agent

Hi @Maniya2002 ,

Have you tried using MyASUS to test the Bluetooth functionality? In order to identify whether the issue might be related to software, could you please attempt a system reset and check if this resolves the problem? Thank you for your cooperation.

My Asus does not detect the problem.,
I have already reset the system three times but the problem is not resolved.
I also noticed that these problems occur when the battery power of the bluetooth mouse or bluetooth earbuds is less than 5%.

I think it's a driver problem.

I had this problem today too.

I have received a new update for Bluetooth from Asus. I will try it and let you know later if new riders are having the same problems.
Version V1.1036.2.368

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Maniya2002 ,

Hope to hear good news from you soon.