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X571GT laptop C drive Errors

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I have an Asus X571GT laptop. C drive is solid state and the D drive is the usual Hard Drive.

Yesterday while using my computer, my laptop suddenly shut down.
I booted it back up and I got the "Scanning and repairing C drive" followed by the "to skip scanning, press any key in 5..4...3.." before going back to the "Scanning and repairing C drive" and then "to skip scanning, press any key in 5..4...3.." Not a long process, about 1min max before coming back to the Windows login screen.

I figured it was a random glitch and moved on, before 2-3hrs later happening again.

I checked the condition of the Hard Drives and saw there were errors detected via Control Panel and Right clicking on the C drive, (see image attached) and both show ways of repairing it, but when you click to restart the computer to fix the errors, I go right back to the "Scanning and repairing C drive" followed by the "to skip scanning, press any key in 5..4...3.." which lasts about 30 seconds before going back to the Login screen.

My guess is that it's detecting the errors, starts the repair before skipping it entirely before going back to Windows login.

Anybody encounter this before, or have ways of forcing the computer to do a Repair on the C drive?


Customer Service Agent

Hi djkomic,

Because didn't see about the C drive errors image
I want to confirm with you, when "Scanning and repairing C drive" appears, did you let it run to 100% to enter the system?
According to your description, it seems to be a hardware device problem, please refer to the instructions in the following link for "Run Hardware diagnostic via MyASUS"

You can inspect whether the hardware device is good by the Hardware Diagnostic via MyASUS. Thank you

I ran this, and this was what worked for me (from an Independent advisor in the Microsoft community group).


Click the power button on your Start Menu
Press the Shift Key and click Restart
Your PC will boot into the Windows Recovery Environment
Go to Troubleshoot - Advanced Options - Command Prompt

Type this command and press Enter:

chkdsk C: /f /r

If you are asked if you want to dismount the drive, press Y to confirm.

Wait for that command to complete, run this command 3 times in a row, one at a time.

chkntfs /x c:

Type this command and press Enter:

fsutil dirty query c:

Customer Service Agent

Hi @djkomic ,

Thanks for your feedback🙂
please feel free to PM me or comment again if you continue to experience difficulties or have any other concerns.

Ok it's happened again. My Asus x571GT completely shutting down without warning. About 25min ago at 930pm on 3/30.

This time, I click the C and D drive, Right Click > Tools > Error checking and both Hard Drives are working fine. No errors.
HOWEVER, I did notice this time and last Thursday, that before each time the laptop shutdown, I got a notification on my screen saying the Laptop power switched to the battery, before switching back to the power plug/supply. A few minutes later, the laptop shutdown. It happened tonight, and twice last Thursday when the laptop shutdown twice.

Normally, my laptop is constantly plugged in, and the power settings are set to 60% (Maximum Lifespan mode via MyAsus), but I'm pretty sure now that it's not a Hard Drive issue but a battery or power issue.
However, when I run a battery report, and use MyAsus to test the battery, it says its fine.

Any way to solve this?