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x13 flow restarts

Level 7

Hi there,

I got this laptop a few months back, and from the start the were issues. Updates and fresh installs were able to resolve most except for the random restarts. I researched online and applied some of the suggestions I could. One being hibernation instead of sleep. 

However, the restarts are very much still present, and this has become mildly infuriating.

Problem: Whenever the laptop gets warm, and I leave it for a moment it restarts. More prevalent when plugged in. 

Status: Windows, Amd, Nvidia and Crate are up to date. Power mode is always on silent.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @RemaRuu ,

I'd like to confirm if your BIOS version has been updated to the latest version 415, and if you have tested it with the AMD graphics card driver version V30.0.14018.15002 that has been validated by ASUS.

Based on your description, the system restarts when it gets hot. Could you please let me know what software or game you were using when the restart occurred? Please try setting the operation mode in Armoury Crate to Turbo mode during gaming and monitor the temperature changes to see if there is any improvement. Thank you.

Level 8

Could you resolve your issue? Among others, I had the same issue and couldn't find a solution.