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Wrong warrantly date on my asus rog account?

Level 7

Hi everyone!

I purchased a ROG laptop on June 3, 2023. According to my Asus ROG account, the warranty is valid until May 13, 2024, which is less than a year. I noticed this when I received some notifications about extending my warranty.

I reached out to support, and they confirmed that my warranty actually lasts until June 8, 2025, and assured me that the incorrect date on my account isn't an issue. 

However, I'm still uneasy about the discrepancy, especially since all the notifications indicated that my warranty was expiring soon. The explanation I received was a bit puzzling: they mentioned that the warranty period listed on the account reflects 2 years from the date the PC left the factory.

Has anyone else experienced this? If you've registered your product, what does your warranty information show?

Is it normal?

Screenshot 2024-05-10 145915.png


Level 11

No, this is not normal. It is 2 years since purchase, meaning the date on the receipt is king. The date currently may reflect 2 years from the date the  PC left the factory, but it does not reflect the warranty date by legal standards. Let them correct it to reflect 2 years since purchase.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Mnms ,

The warranty for the product will commence from the date of purchase (excluding refurbished or second-hand items). Typically, the local service team will request your purchase proof and personal information to assist in further verification and warranty updates. 
Would you be able to provide the product serial number and location via private message for me to proceed with further confirmation with the local service team? Thank you.