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Why brightness control is constantly breaking?!

Level 9

Every month, sometimes couple times during the month, brightness is breaking in my G834JY-N6005W. Had sometimes the same issue with my previous, older ROG as well, but not as often as the new one.

It's easy to fix - download new Nvidia drivers or simply restart them via Geforce Experience. But surely brightness should not be breaking twice or trice in a month?!

Any ideas why since 2016 there is such problem and how to fix it *permanently*.


Customer Service Agent


Regarding the brightness issue you mentioned, I'd like to further confirm with you: Was it reset after adjusting the brightness settings? Did you adjust the brightness within the system settings or through the Nvidia control panel? Could you provide more details for us to investigate further? Thank you

Every 10-20 Windows startups (or waking up from sleep) brightness becomes maximum available and system brightness slider (or Fn+F7/F8) are not working. It's a very known problem, simply Google "Windows 11 brightness slider not working". In order to fix it you need to simply install new drivers or re-install old ones via Device Manager or NVidia experience. Such problem occurred also in Windows 10, but it was much more rare than in G834 with Windows 11.

Customer Service Agent


Thank you for your reply. 

I'd like to confirm whether you have installed the Nvidia display driver version V31.0.15.4624 that has been verified by ASUS and tested it. Additionally, may I ask if you are using an external monitor? Thank you.