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What is the maximum upgrade to do on the Asus Rog Strix G16?

Level 7

I recently purchased the ASUS ROG Strix G16 G614JV-N3094W and emailed ASUS support to inquire about possible upgrades for my laptop. Here is the response I received from ASUS:

"Hello, I hope you're doing well. Thank you for reaching out to ASUS Customer Service. My name is André, and I'm delighted to assist you.

Regarding storage, after querying our database with the provided serial number for the G614JV-N3094W model, I found that you can install an additional SSD, as there is an available slot. The component must meet the following technical specifications:

Interface: NVMe 4.0 x4 M.2 Size: 2280 Maximum tested storage capacity: 512GB

As for memory, I discovered that this notebook supports up to 32GB. To achieve this, you should replace the two existing 8GB off-board modules with two 16GB modules, provided that the component is compatible with the following technical specifications:

Type: DDR5 Frequency: 4800MHz Maximum supported capacity: 32GB (requires replacing the current 8GB off-board modules with two 16GB modules).

I believe the memory can be extended up to 128GB, but it may be limited to 64GB. However, I'm uncertain about the frequency. Can the frequency go up to 5600MHz?

Regarding the SSD, what is the maximum TB capacity I can install, considering the read and write speed?


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Gustres ,

The G614JV comes with two SSD slots (one of which is already in use). 
Each slot supports up to 2 TB, with specifications for M.2 NVMe™ PCIe® G4x4.
Regarding memory expansion, the G614JV has a total of two memory sockets, including those that are currently in use. It supports one SO-DIMM with a maximum capacity of 16 GB, and its specification is DDR5-4800mhz. 
While some users have chosen to replace the memory with DDR5-5600mhz, we conduct our tests based on compatibility and stability. If you encounter any issues during usage, we still recommend reverting to the specifications we suggest for optimal performance. This information is provided for your reference.