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Warranty limitations?

Level 7

So im outside of the US for work and am not able to return to the US for a while. Had a bios update that pushed when i tried to reboot earlier and the laptop is truly bricked - no POST. Called into support and they confirmed it is under warranty and will need to go to a service center. apparently i cant get assistance because i need to put in a US address (i assume for a box to be shipped to) - anyone else run into this issue? there are multiple ASUS service centers per their site in the country I am currently in.

I am a little confused why i should be expected to fly back to the united states to get my laptop working while its under warranty and there are service centers here.


Level 11

Anyone else run into this issue?

Yep! Use a trusted family member address and then have them send the repaired laptop back to you (pay them for shipping). Or have them hold the laptop until you return home.

Laptops/Notebooks are made for each region, Europe, Asia, etc. There is significant difference in quality for the laptops made for US market and let's say for European market. The laptops/Notebooks may look the same on the outside (maybe different keyboard letters) but may have different components on the inside due to voltage requirements.


Unfortunately it would cost more for me to ship the laptop there and back or fly there and back myself than a new laptop would cost. In my case my bios just needs to be reprogrammed. The chip doesn't even need to be replaced- there's no hardware damage. Someone can throw a clip on there or pop it off the board and handle it that way. Or asus can ship a preprogrammed bios chip down here and have someone throw it on the board.

But your post was super informative actually and I understand some of those limitations now. Appreciate it. 

Customer Service Agent

Hi @kdoran02 ,

Could you please let us know the model of your laptop?
Regarding the issue with the failed BIOS update causing the inability to boot, have you referred to the instructions in this link for further testing?
Regarding international warranty, when the product is sold by the dealer, they will inform whether the device is covered by local warranty or international warranty. If the product is covered by local warranty, you will need to obtain repair services locally. Could you please provide the laptop serial number via private message so we can assist you in confirming the warranty coverage area of the product? Thank you.

Model is G713PI

Sku: 90nrg0gg4-m002x0

Asus ticket number is n2403012651.

I'll send the serial in private. My concern is in a time where many people are working remote - ideally there should be a better way to assist customers who can't get back to the region the laptop was purchased in. The customer service rep I spoke with was very helpful, and we went through the troubleshooting steps together even though I'd already done them. I understand the process fully - I just feel a little stuck with a product that's unsupported because I've moved.