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Warranty Discrepancy: Asus Account Shows Expired Warranty Despite Valid 24-Month Period

Level 9

I purchased the laptop on Juny 8, 2023, and later registered the product on my Asus account on July 11, 2023. However, despite the laptop having a warranty period of 24 months, my Asus account is displaying that the warranty has already expired. I understand that to extend the warranty, Asus Premium Care is an option, but I'm unable to avail it because my Asus account incorrectly indicates that the warranty has ended

I kindly request your assistance in rectifying this issue and aligning the warranty period with the agreed 2-year coverage, as stipulated in the purchase agreement.

# Zephyrus G15 GA503RM 




Customer Service Agent

Hi @Maniya2002 ,

Regarding the issue of the abnormal warranty start date, if you have purchased a brand-new product (not open-box or refurbished), you can contact your local customer service center to provide proof of your product purchase and serial number information. 

They will verify your information to offer additional assistance and explanations. The above information is provided for your reference. Thank you.