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Video Card being weird Asus G15 Advantage Edition

Level 7

Hi all,

Recently installed ram that was suggested on reddit. Install was easy G.Skill 2x16gig F4-3200C22D-32GRS.

Now for some odd reason my computer decides that the card can't be monitored, temps or anything. Armoury Crate show "power saving" HWINFO reads nothing on the GPU. Oddly sometimes it will show up fine with those for maybe a minute or two then back to the same stuff.

The GPU is pushing the FPS great in many games never breaking 90c CPU or 79C on the GPU . Issue is my screen acts like i'm getting less. Example when running games, i can be pushing 100+ fps, but for smoothness my laptop screen acts like i am getting 50fps or so. If the screen was fine i wouldn't care about FPS as before 80fps was silky smooth. So i don't know what to do, tried 3 different video drivers, cleaned with DDU and installed. Prefer not to take it apart again if at all possible.

So why would the card be pumping great FPS if the laptop screen itself acts like it's far far less?




Hi vaath,

Can you please check Armoury Crate (System-GPU Power Saving)whether to select the [Eco Mode]?
If select the [Eco Mode] the discrete GPU is completely disabled for maximum energy savings, lower temperatures, and less noise.
Under [Eco Mode], the discrete graphics information will not appear in Windows® Display Adapters item.
It is recommended that you select the [Optimized] to test whether it can work better.
please refer to the instructions in the following link for "Q13: How should I apply GPU Mode?"
please feel free to PM me or comment again if you continue to experience difficulties or have any other concerns.Thank you 🙂