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Unusually high cpu temps after installing Ghelper on Strix g15 Advantage edition laptop

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hi , 

i had the LM reapplied a few weeks ago, which significantly made my temps better for both CPU and GPU, i had it running at 4.5ghz all core with the core averaging around 90 C by uncervolting it , and everything seemed fine with the managed a decent timespy score of 11300 and i was alright with that.

Cut to a few days later i figured ill try out this Ghelper thing and see if it works any better, i had armoury crate uninstalled and went ahead and installed Ghelper, i had UXTU running in the background with its undervolt, and i decided to mess with Ghelper's undervolt settings, which led Ghelper to crash, and which made me anxious and then i went ahead and  installed armoury crate.

now the CPU idles at around 43 in manual with the fan at 4900 rpm, but anytime i hit a heavy load say gaming or cinebench or 3dmark, the cpu doesnt hesitate to go and stay at a hot 96 C, even with the APU TDP at 75 watts and the same undervolt which gave me the 11300 time spy score . it no longer boosts as much either ,with clocks barely turboing to 4.5ghz, 

Screenshot 2024-01-08 012514.png

i cant tell if its bad mounting pressure, or if its some software bs.

besides i usually feel the exhaust almost burn my skin even if its at like 90, now i dont feel like it gets that hot too like its pretty warm at best even when the cpu is steady at 96 , and no it is not thermal throttling. 

Please help


Level 12

Specifically for such scenarios, the "ThrottleStop" program has been written, which helps to reduce the temperature of the CPU and extend its life.

Yeah i was looking at that as an option too what im confused about is the sudden change in the behaviour of the cpu

throttlestop isnt for amd mobile chips

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"ThrottleStop" is basically strictly for mobile computers. Take a look at TechPowerUp.

Level 12

However, it was actually not under the AMD CPU - my mistake.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @sharan08 ,
We understand that some users may find Armoury Crate less user-friendly, so uninstalled Armoury Crate and installed G-helper as an alternative. 
If you still encounter temperature issues with G-helper and cannot resolve them, we recommend uninstalling G-helper and relying on Armoury Crate to manage the performance and cooling settings of the laptop. The above information is provided for your reference. Thank you.