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Turning on Asus ROG Strix Scar 18 without hitting the power button

Level 7


I've been looking into options to turn on my laptop without physically pressing the power button.

Background is that it's sitting in in another room where power is turned off at night (or sometimes for even longer) and turned on again in the morning.

I'd like to boot the laptop from either complete shutdown or hibernate.

I was successful in turning it on from hibernate when there is continuous power supply via Wake-on-Lan.However, when there is an interruption in power supply, this does not work anymore. To my knowledge, I configured all the settings within Windows and in the Bios. The bios is really scarce though and there is no info about "turn on after power loss" or such. 

Therefore, I'd like to know if there is any option to do what I want. There are several options that come to mind:

  • Wake-on-Lan:
    • Is there anything I missed?
    • Could I upgrade the bios to see more options?
  • Wake-on-Keyboard:
    • Can't find anything like that in the Bios
  • Docking station:
    • Some docking stations have a power button via which the device is turned on. I also have a thunderbolt port. Would that work e.g. with a SimPro Dock 2? On the list of supported devices, only professional laptops are listed.

Thanks in advance!


Customer Service Agent

Hi @C_der_Baum ,


I regret to inform you that due to SimPro Dock 2 currently only supporting ExpertBook, it cannot be used with the Strix Scar 18. 

Thank you for your understanding.