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TUF FA507NV Laptop keeps freezing on login screen

Level 8

I just bought an ASUS TUF FA507NV a while ago and it has been performing quite well, however, a problem seems to appear lately whenever I tryna boot up the laptop unplugged. On login screen, when I tryna move the mouse, it would generate some weird noises that are quite familiar but I dont know the name of it (I think it was the sound of changing the gpu or sth) and it kept failing, leading to a completely freeze laptop. The only solution I could do was to press and hold on the power button so that it could turn off and boot up again, but this literally conflicts with valorant vanguard (as corrupted restart would not start this), and not starting the service, thus, I have to restart the laptop again and the same issue appears once again. I don't really think this is the vgc's fault but something about the driver, which I have updated everything already,

so i'm really confused at this point.
Does anyone have the same issue, if so, what's your solution, please help me with this as I'm getting in college soon and i cant bear with the laptop starting over again and over like this. 


Customer Service Agent


After watching the video you provided, I understand that you are experiencing a situation where your computer completely freezes after entering the system. I have a few questions to clarify:

  1. Is the screen shown in the video when you start the computer from a completely powered-off state?
  2. How often does this issue occur, and does it happen every time?
  3. Have you tested the hard drive and memory using MyASUS to ensure they are functioning correctly?
  4. Have you recently performed a Windows Update or installed any specific software?
  5. Is the system regularly scanned for viruses?

Please provide this information so that I can better assist you with resolving the problem. Thank you.

1. Yes, I shut down the laptop completely before starting it. 
2. This only occurs when the laptop is not plugged in before booting up, if I plug in the charger before pressing the power button, it should start up all fine but if I press the power button first and wait for it or plug in after pressing the button (between the booting up time - like when the asus logo is showing), the same issue appears. 
3. Unfortunately, I cannot get my MyASUS app to work properly, the "System Diagnosis" tab in "Customer Support" keeps saying "Some functions cannot be used, please restart this application or the computer". I did those following suggestions but none of them fix it, tried to restart the laptop multiple times and reinstalled the MyASUS app also but couldn't get the tool to show up and work normally. 
4. I have done it a while ago, right after I bought the laptop. However, there is this one specific thing I did change about the graphics driver. Back then, there was this little issue where I updated the nvidia driver to the latest version but not to the ASUS certified version, which leads to the digital vibrance settings in nvidia kept bugging and not staying at the desired % when gaming on full screen (kept reseting to 75%). This fortunately was able to fix by unistaling that latest nvidia driver and replacing it with the certified one. This was the only action I did with the graphics card driver, nothing else.
5. Not really, but I did scan it before submitting this reply and it showed everything was completely fine.
Please look through my information and inform me if you need any further particular details, I would try my best to provide those for you thoroughly. I'm very thankful for your time on helping me with this problem, really need your help as I really need this laptop's portability feature in college, and I cannot just keep it plugged in 24/7.No threats foundNo threats found

MyASUS bugging.png

1. Yes, the laptop was completely shut down before being boot up in the video.
2. It has been happening very often lately, it is noted that I would have to boot it up twice, with the same problem appearing in order for it to enter some kind of a repairing mode, which didn't help at all, then the laptop would start normally, but again, the vgc service isn't starting and I couldn't get into valorant.
3. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the "System Diagnosis" feature to work properly, it kept saying "“Some functions
cannot be used, please restart this application or the computer”, which I had done the following instructions, but to no avail. I even tried reinstalling the program but it still appeared to have the same issue with the app so I couldn't test the hard drive and memory on the MyASUS app tho. However, I did get into the WinRE option in "Advanced Options" of the "Troubleshoot" tab when I was tryna restart the laptop over and over again; I saw those options where I could perform a check-up with the hardware, and they showed everything was working perfectly fine then.
4. I had done it right after I purchased the laptop, updated everything before performing any installation. Yet, there was one specific thing I did with the graphics driver, which was updating it to the latest version from nvidia; This literally generated some kind of a bug with the digital vibrance settings, which kept resetting to 75% whenever I tried to play games on full screen. Luckily, after reinstalling it with the ASUS certified version of the driver, the feature was able to work normally again, and that was the only thing I did with the nvidia graphics driver, nothing else.
5. Not really, but I did scan before submitting this reply and no threats were found.
I'm really grateful for your time and effort in assisting me with this problem, please tell me if you need any further information in order to solve this issue, I would try my best to provide it in as much details as possible. 

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