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TUF A15 2022 FA507RE

Level 7

I have Asus tuf a15 2022

6800h cpu

3050ti gpu

I had 8 gb ram and I added another 8 gb both of them samsung but I am not sure that rams serial numbers are match.

when I boot my laptop I get blue screen error for both windows 10 and 11 same error. I got couple of different blue screen errors.

Also it doesnt weke up when it sleeps. it is like runing all the keyboard lits and power lights but when i press any key from keyboard it doesnt weke up


Customer Service Agent

Hi @chdyldz ,

May I know the specifications of the Samsung RAM modules you added? Have you tried removing the additional RAM to see if the issue improves?
Regarding the BSOD, could you please share the screen or error codes to further clarify your problem?
Additionally, have you updated your BIOS to the latest version 315 and used the ASUS-validated NVIDIA Graphics Driver Version V30.0.15.1278 and AMD Graphics Driver Version V31.0.12024.2005? Thank you.