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TUF 15 Laptop Not Turning On

Level 7

Hi everyone,

I recently cleaned dust inside of my gaming laptop and applied new termal paste. After re-assemblying everything it didn't turn on. The led is working fine, when I press the power button keyboard lights go on briefly and then go off. No sound from fans also. I've done cleaning and thermal paste change like 3 times before so I didn't encounter this issue. Here is the youtube video for visual example:

Is the issue within motherboard? I disconnected and re-connected every cable but still no reaction.

I tried holding power button for 1 minute still nothing.

Please if you could diagnose my problem and help I'd be grateful. Thanks for reading


Level 12

open it up again an see if you connected everything correctly other than that you might want to seek help from a trusted repair shop in your area.

Customer Service Agent

Hi @tehslim ,

Please try removing all external devices and power, then press and hold the power button for 40 seconds to perform an EC reset while the laptop is shut down. Afterward, reconnect the power and boot up to see if it can enter the system normally. If the issue persists, we recommend taking the laptop to a local service center for further hardware diagnostics. Thank you.