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Terrible Customer Service. G703GX

Level 9

Let me just preface this with saying this was actually one of the worst experiences I've had with regards to customer service of a product and willful neglect on Asus' side of things.

I purchased a G703GX in the spring of 2019 with a sticker price of $4,000. Needless to say I was stoked about getting my first real gaming laptop. However, right out of the box I noticed some performance issues that didn't really sit well with me. Borderlands 2, which was 5+ years old at the time, would get down to <40 FPS at times, when there was action on the screen. Now, this is pretty awful considering the price point for this laptop, and it having a 2080 inside of it. I had similar experiences with other games as well, such as the Witcher.

So I spent some time trying to optimize/update settings and whatnot, because i know sometimes that can be an issue... The laptop came with a 144hz screen, so I would imagine Asus' intention was for me to get 144 frames, at least, when gaming. Well, let me tell you, I have never gotten >144 frames on this laptop ever, unless I'm playing league of legends and there's 0 players or minions on my screen.. Seriously.

After a couple weeks I took it back to MemoryExpress where I purchased it from, they ran some diagnostics and said that the laptop was working as intended, and they updated the BIOS and some other things and they thought it should run better. Long story short, it did not. Took it back to memoryExpress a couple more times and we could not get this laptop to run any faster, this was over the course of a few months now. MemoryExpress, which is a great store by the way and their techs are great, told me I'd have to start dealing with Asus. 

At this point I was working in a very remote location with no access to a large city center for several hours. I had some back and forth with Asus regarding the matter and told them I have all the information from MemoryExpress describing all the diagnostics they ran. Asus said they still need to run the diagnostics themselves. I told them that I was currently working the fall/winter in a very remote location and I can't get my laptop to them. I also mentioned that I required the laptop for work, and they said it could take several months to diagnose and repair. I told them I can't go several months without a laptop, and this $4000 has not worked correctly out of the box,  as could be verified by their seller (memoryExpress), so I requested to exchange the laptop for another.. That way I only had to make the long drive once to a city center to exchange the laptop and I don't have to go months without a PC, which again, I need for work. Asus ignored this idea and continued to press to just want to hold my laptop for 3 as they diagnose. All of this is only months after purchase by the way, while the laptop is still under warranty.

I finally finish up the winter project I am on and it's April 2020, and it's the beginning of covid. Now that I have some time to get my laptop back to Asus, I can't get ahold of anyone because apparently they were just too comfortable working from home to answer any calls or emails. After months of not hearing back, I finally gave up trying to talk to them and figured I'd just deal with the poor performance $4000 laptop.

Well, a couple of years go by and the fact this laptop runs so poorly still irks me, especially considering my friend purchased a 1500 laptop at the same time I purchased this one, and it had a 1650 & i5 and it ran the game more smoothly than this $4000 brick I purchased. This obviously fueled my anger to reach out to Asus again.

This is where Peggy Lee comes in, the 'lead' of her department. Absolutely awful experience from her and her team. They ignore your emails and never answers calls. All her and her team do is give you very politically correct, cookie cutter answers from their training pamphlet that never answer any of your questions or help you in any regard. I believe their game plan is to treat you like a moron so you just give up, because dealing with their department is honestly like dealing with a robot. ChatGTP speaks like more of a human than this group of people, and I am not even kidding. These people have 0 empathy towards customer issues and just go through the motions to collect their paycheck. 

After 6 months of back and forth with this team (because they only reply once every 2-3 weeks), this laptop decided to stop recognizing the HDD. Peggy agrees to take the laptop in to their service department and look at it. After 3 MONTHS of having my laptop, they tell me that there is nothing wrong with the HDD slot & that they want $2300 to repair the laptop because my performance issues were from heat damage...... Well, the HDD slot still has hard drives disappear in it, and I tried several different drives, so they're wrong, and they refuse to listen. and $2300 to fix this laptop? that's asinine considering I can spend less than that for a new laptop that performs a lot better. And they say the performance issue is from heat damage? This laptop worked like this right out of the box, so they're definitely incorrect about that as well. Their customer service department, as well as their techs, are slow and absolutely don't care about their customers. They couldn't diagnose a problem to save their life and their only solution was to replace the entire mobo because they couldn't figure it out, and they want to charge $2300 for a mobo replacement? Absolutely insane.

To add, when Peggy and I were having basic conversation about what was going on with my laptop, I said things such as "the CPU bottlenecks the GPU", and her response was she's not strong with computer language and doesn't know what I mean... isn't that amazing! The head of the customer service department of a computer manufacturer doesn't even know what a CPU or GPU is! But they refuse to let me talk to the techs about my issues. How do you guys think that line of communication will work? The customer service representatives don't have a clue about computer hardware, so how can they effectively communicate with their techs? I'm not saying they should be full blown techs, but basic understanding of the products you take care of should at least be required.

To cap all this off, Peggy said that this laptop could've been exchanged if it were under warranty.. I forwarded her emails from 2019 when the laptop was under warranty showing that I did have issues and did request a change. I also sent the email regarding MemoryExpress running diagnostics, as well as me working a remote area and specifically requesting for an exchange. Well, her and her team ignore these forwards I sent and pretend like they don't exist. I forwarded them several times and asked for them to acknowledge them, they never respond because they want to plead ignorance on the matter. That is pretty criminal if you ask me.

Just check out trust pilot and BetterBusinessBureau on Asus' customer support. They're both 1 star. But Asus doesn't care enough to change because they still make money.

This whole process is sad because Asus used to be a great company, now they're just awful and I'd never recommended their products to anyone, ever. Spending $4,000 for an experience like this has been pretty awful, you'd think you'd get treated a little better than this.

Stay away from this company. If you get unlucky and have an issue with your PC, you're going to be stuck with it.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @tommy3636 ,


I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad service experience. 
Could you please provide me with the relevant information about your product so that I can assist you in identifying the issue?
Please check your private messages. Thank you.

What information would you like? 

I don't know how we can accomplish anything here...

I already sent it in as an RMA  to asus and they returned it as stated above, claiming heat damage is causing my performance issues, even though it had performance issues from the start, as I told them 100 times. Also, the HDD slot they say works, and it doesn't.

Level 9

No resolve. 

Asus didn't fix or exchange my lemon laptop when it was under warranty. Now they're saying it's out of warranty and won't do anything about it aside from offer to fix it for $2300.

Asus customer support is never going to change, they're going to forever do the bare minimum to stay legal, but do everything in their power to not help the consumer.

I'd recommend telling anyone to buy an MSI or Lenovo. Asus is brutal. $4,000 in the garbage.

Level 9

Big news.

In an act of goodwill, ASUS offered to send me a backpack.

So if you buy a $4,000 computer and it doesn't work, you too can get a complimentary backpack.

What a huge perk, can put the laptop that doesn't work in my laptop backpack!

Level 9

Once again, today Peggy Lee with the Asus Canada customer service department said that they're sorry, but they cannot replace or fix my laptop because it's past the warranty period.

Even though I have forwarded her emails between myself and Asus, when my laptop was under warranty, stating the same issues. Asus is willfully neglecting the fact this issue wasn't dealt with when my unit was under warranty.

It's honestly criminal and totally unacceptable to run a business like this. I would genuinely avoid this company at all costs. Considering MSI & Lenovo make laptops of equal or better quality, there's no need to purchase these products.

Level 9

Asus is once again ignoring me.

The customer service department lead, Peggy Lee, again states there's nothing that can be done because it is out of the warranty period. Even after forwarding numerous emails which are dated during the warranty period, showing that I was having issues and they went unresolved. 

Asus continues to do nothing about a selling a $4,000 piece of scrap to me and doing nothing to rectify it. 

The only thing that has been offered is to sell me a USED laptop which was sent back to their service department and refurbished, at a price HIGHER than a brand new PC with higher specs... It's absolutely insulting.

On top of this, it's been 2 weeks since they responded to an email, again. The communication and absolutely brutal. 

Over 2 years of dealing with their service department who continue to act like bots.