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Strix Scar G16 i9-13980HX RTX4080 - Terrible Coil Whine Noise on Desktop

Level 7

I bought a Strix Scar G16 i9-13980HX RTX4080 and it has a terrible Coil Whine Noise on Desktop. It's impossible to ignore it in a quiet room, special if you're a bit sensible to these sort of noise. It's upsetting in a high-end laptop like this though.

Asus, please fix it and you'll have a perfect laptop! At this stage a want to return my unit and get my money back. I'm not completely sure that I can actually get this model with a decent noise level by the comments of other buyers. 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Zamin88 ,

I'd like to confirm if you've already updated the BIOS to the latest version 325. 
The high-frequency noise occurs due to load variations happening within the CPU during light loads, causing resonance due to current fluctuations passing through electronic components inside the laptop. This is a characteristic of electronic components and won't cause hardware damage. Please find more information about this here
Since it's not possible to physically verify the laptop's condition through the forum, if you still have concerns, we recommend taking the laptop to a local service center for further testing and confirmation. Thank you.

Just double checked it and my BIOS Version is the 325. The coil whine noise is still there and it's terrible! I really pray everytime I turn the laptop on, hoping the noise won't be there but I'm not that lucky.

Gets worse if I'm moving my finger on top of the touchpad too (or moving a external mouse). I'm returning it and getting my money back. Not sure if I'd go for a Asus again, thank you.