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Strix scar 18 WiFi 6E AX211 160 mhz

Level 7

Dear all,

I have ASUS rog Strix scar 18 with WIFI 6e AX 211 160 MHz , 

it works very bed like 10 times slower download speed   in room while others.  BTW  upload is good . in my country everywhere is 2.4ghz routers , but I don't think it should be a problem for new WIFI and new laptop

1. I already reinstall windows

2. I already reinstall drivers

3. I try all bands in network options 


help what is solution for this WIFI 6 e


Customer Service Agent

Hi @llKllAll ,

May I confirm with you whether the slow download speed only occurs in the room while it works fine in other places? Have you tried testing with other wireless networks (such as using your phone's hotspot)?

Would you be willing to share the test data with us for further investigation? Thank you.

hi @Anbby_ROG  ty for reply 

mobile hotspot works fine any of routers which I try to connects works very slow , I mean hostels bars e. S. also when i conect 6 ghz router its also works fine . but in my country 90% is 2.4 ghz routers.

i buy smal wifi usb reciver 2.4ghz from tp link it also works very slow ,  i think something worng with asus .

when i try this usb reciver on another old leptop it works fine ,i think somethink blocks wifi becouse ethernet works bvery good

can u help me somehow with this problem

@Anbby_ROG  @Anbby_ROG Problem wireless mouseeee......

Customer Service Agent

Hi @llKllAll ,


I'm sorry, may I confirm with you if you're referring to this issue occurring with the use of a wireless mouse?

Dear @Anbby_ROG 

on both pc and laptop , any of Bluetooth conection slows down internet earbuds , mouse keyboard everything  problem is with all 2.4ghz routers i test it everywhere where i could 🙂

Customer Service Agent

Hi @llKllAll ,

Thank you for the update. Due to Bluetooth and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi operating within the same frequency range, this could potentially result in interference between the two technologies.